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Mustique Island

(St.Vincent and The Grenadines)

seclusion, exclusivity and long, white sandy beaches

The very name conjures up images of mysterious beauty. Until recently, that beauty was known only to a handful of the privileged.

The home owners of this exclusive retreat are international luminaries in the fields of art, science, industry and entertainment. For them Mustique is tanned and barefooted freedom from responsibilities at home. Surrendering to the serene, leisurely pace of the Island's life has a restorative effect on all those who come here.

[Click on photo for enlargement]In deference to the storybook telling, all "improvements" to Mustique were made, and will continue to be made, with an educated concern for the land, water, and air. The Mustique Company, owner of Mustique, acts as custodian for the entire Island, fauna and flora, as well as the water surrounding the Island for 1,000 yards offshore. The people of Mustique have seen what greed and short-sighted thinking have done to other Caribbean islands. They will never sacrifice their children's future to such folly. Because of their care and perseverance, the Island does posses modern conveniences like clean water, reliable electricity and telephone, and a well-equipped clinic with a physician. But they were built, and are maintained, without mauling any of the natural resources.

For those considering a holiday on Mustique there are a number of houses scattered thoughtfully about the Island. While each reflects the dramatically different taste and sophistication of its owner, most houses open to views of clear Caribbean water and jade-green mountains from tiled or teak verandas. Welcoming household staff are included with each rental. This, and the fact that houses are spread generously apart, make them appealing to families and friends who wish to share holidays together. See our on-line catalog.

There is also the Cotton House, a 25-room West Indian inn built around an 18th century cotton barn and sugar mill. Poolside luncheons at the Cotton House are an Island tradition, as are meals and rendezvous at Basil's Bar and Restaurant overlooking the bay.

As for whiling away Mustique's balmy days, the choices are varied: nine pearly soft beaches offer conditions from Caribbean calm to seven-foot seas. Snorkeling over coral reefs will bring you within arm's length of thousands of flamboyantly coloured fish.

We offer tennis courts outlined with hibiscus and coconut trees, windsurfing and scuba diving, horseback riding on trails meandering all over this three-by-one-mile Island, and sailboats to charter for breezy excursions around Mustique or to neighbouring islands like Bequia and the Tobago Cays.

Mustique appeals to those who seek privacy, virgin Caribbean territory, and a retreat from a demanding position in civilization. Unlike other Caribbean islands, ours is a closely knit community populated by families who have lived here all their lives and by home owners who have made a financial and emotional commitment to preserving Mustique, just as it always was.

Accommodations and activities:
Spaced thoughtfully over a 1,400 acre island preserve are a number extraordinary houses, each tastefully reflecting the West Indies environment of Mustique Island on-line catalog. We are currently working on getting villa descriptions and photos on-line. Visit our price and specifications list for direct links to these unique vacation villas.
Apart from these private homes there is one hotel, one beach bar, a few boutiques, shops, a small village, and a fishing camp. You can enjoy sailing, diving, snorkeling and swimming. One of our favorite beaches is Macaroni Beach on the Atlantic side. Other places for swimming and snorkeling include Endeavour Bay, Brittania Bay, Gallicaux Bay and Lagoon Bay.
Basil's Bar and Restaurant, the only nightlife spot on the island, is a unique establishment, consisting of a thatch-roofed structure built over the turquoise waters of Brittania Bay. Sooner or later everyone ends up here. Rub shoulders with the jet set, lords and ladies, photo-models and yachtsmen.

Location, transportation and more...:
Mustique Island is in the Northern Grenadines, 18 miles south of St.Vincent and 110 miles west of Barbados. It is 1 miles wide by 3 miles long and is part of the State of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.
Mustique is a port of entry for St.Vincent and has a paved, 2,500 foot airstrip with tie-down facilities for private aircraft. There are scheduled Mustique Airways flights from Barbados and St.Vincent. In addition, charter air services, using two-engined aircraft, are available by Mustique Airways and SVG Air.
The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollars, however United States currency is accepted. The Mustique rate of exchange is EC$2.60 to US$1.00. Tipping is recommended for satisfactory service. Dress is informal. Gentlemen wear open neck shirts: jackets are not worn. The Island maintains a central generating station supplying 230 Volts, 50 cycles. Universal adaptors and small transformers for North American applicances are available. The Villas have 24-hour direct dial telephone.

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