Caribbean Villas & Condos of the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands

Escape to the best weather in the world, and visit the friendly and clean
British Crown Colony of the Cayman Islands.

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Some quick island facts; the Cayman Islands consist of the following three islands:
Grand Cayman is the largest and with about 27,000 people by far the most populated. It is 22 miles long and 4 miles wide. The capitol is George Town, located on the western side of the island. One of the largest inland mangrove in the Caribbean can be found here; North Sound, a shallow, reef-protected lagoon.
    Things to see on Grand Cayman:
    • The Cayman Islands are famous for its underwater world; spectacular reefs, densely encrusted walls, and extraordinary marine life. There are several marine parks and snorkeling trails. More information on this coming soon.
    • Seven Mile Beach; on the western side of the island, powdery white sand and a turquoise sea!
    • Turtle Farm; doubles as a research station, about 50,000 green sea turtles are breeded here yearly. You can observe the turtles in the different stages of development.
    • Hell; from the tiny postoffice you can send a original postcard from Hell!
    • Sting Ray City; be adventurous and swim (or bath) with (extremely tame) rays.
    • More information coming soon.
Cayman Brac, situated 89 miles east-northeast of Grand Cayman, is named after the high limestone bluff (brac is Gaelic for bluff) rising from about 6 feet above sealevel in the west to a height of 140 feet in the east, where it plunges into the sea. The island is about 12 miles long and a mile wide. On this island about 1400 people find their home. Considered one of the last virgin areas in the Caribbean, excellent for hiking, birding, caving and fishing.
Little Cayman, located just 5 miles west of Cayman Brac is 10 miles long and about a mile wide. It is largely undeveloped with just 30 people living here. Very popular by experienced divers, the drop-offs start in only 20 feet of water. Also excellent birding, hiking, etc. and exploring some of the most deserted beaches.

Where to stay:
The best way to enjoy the Cayman Islands in style is in one of our private villas and condos. Browse through our on-line catalog of villas. We have over a hundred villas to choose from, ranging from large 6 bedroom homes for large families or groups, to quaint 1 bedroom villas for your perfect second honeymoon. We are still working on getting the villas on-line. All villas will be listed in and linked from the pricelist. There is also a map of Grand Cayman showing the exact location of the villa. If your favorite villa is not on-line yet, contact us, and it will soon be!

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